BCP Solution “ServiBers”

"ServiBers" is an emergency-response support system which supports our actions in various phases of disasters.

Minimize the loss by recovering business as soon as possible

ServiBers* supports the actions that should be taken in various phases, such as initial operations, recovery and reconstruction by connecting the disaster site and the disaster response headquarters through ICTs, and automating required actions such as gathering the information, aggregating and reporting the extent of damages.

For example, in the event of an earthquake, the estimated seismic intensity scales are immediately displayed on the monitor in a color-coded manner by linking “disaster/weather information” and “enormous database” that we have. Just after that, concrete actions to be taken by the disaster response headquarters are displayed on the monitor along with the time axis, such as “Establishment of the disaster response headquarters, preparation of seismic intensity scale tables at each business site, confirmation of the employees’ safety, request of reporting the extent of damage to each business site, request of confirmation of stockpiling supplies,” etc.

* Service Of Business Emergency Response Support (trademark filed: No.2016-107447)

Realizing “Quick and Appropriate” Disaster Response

At the disaster site, if you take pictures of the damage using a tablet terminal or smartphone installed the ServiBers application and send them with comments, those reports are immediately and automatically compiled in the system, and the disaster response headquarters can quickly and accurately grasp the situation in each site. ServiBers provides “on-time” support for recovery and reconstruction operations that should be handled by the disaster response headquarters, such as “reporting on the extent of damage to the outside parties,” “requesting external support,” and “reviewing in-house support personnel.”

In this way, ServiBers is an epoch-making service aimed at supporting business continuity management by evolving information complexity and confusion, which had been caused by ad hoc responses to disasters, into the “swift and accurate” emergency response service through the use of ICTs.

Total image of the ServiBers

ServiBers automatically create disaster distribution maps by linking OYO’s own database on natural disasters with earthquake information and weather information. It also centrally manages the damage situation along with reports from the disaster site and sequentially display the necessary actions of disaster response headquarter on the monitor.

Each user will report photographs and damage status at the disaster site by using ServiBers app. Disaster response manuals, etc. could be read on it.

For disaster response headquarters, ServiBers compiles information from each site and automatically prepares summarized reports. It can also provide those reports aggregated by each branch level.

Automatically show the necessary actions

Based on the BCPs and disaster prevention action plans that have already been prepared, ServiBers displays on the monitors (screens) of PCs, etc. the necessary actions that companies (disaster response headquarters) should take immediately after an earthquake (*) and in accordance with the elapse of time. The person in charge responds promptly according to the displayed necessary actions and checks the completed items.

* In addition to earthquakes, it is possible to switch to various disaster prevention action plans.

Example of automatic display of initial actions taken by the disaster response headquarters (in the event of an earthquake)

When a disaster occurs, ServiBers link OYO’s own database with disaster/weather information and display the distribution map colored by seismic intensity scales on the monitor. (The display screen changes depending on the disaster.)

Merits of introducing ServiBers

By supporting the creation of an environment for prompt recovery activities, it will realize an early recovery of customer business and minimize losses in the event of disasters.

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