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Investigation for Structural Foundation

Your cost can be reduced by subsurface investigation.

OYO originates its foundation to an ambition of two founders, ‘practical application of geological knowledge’. Since the establishment in 1957, OYO has been investigating geology for major structures including highways, railways, airports, reclaimed lands, dams, tunnels, bridges, and skyscrapers. OYO is capable of supporting construction projects widely from site selection, design, construction, and maintenance.

Our technologies are being leveraged not just in Japan but also all over the world. One recent example is a geotechnical consultation for highway construction project in Algeria. The construction site was located along gentle slopes and frequent landslides were delaying the project. OYO’s technologies were fully leveraged to study geological and geotechnical characteristics of the site and to develop countermeasures to achieve the project.

OYO’s field of activity is not limited to construction projects. We are researching various impacts of construction projects to weather, groundwater, vegetation and ecology of surrounding environments. We established in 1999 OYO Biological Engineering Laboratory next to Miharu Dam in Fukushima Prefecture and have been observing the surrounding environment in the past, now, and the future.

For long-term stability of structures, OYO visualize risks by analyzing and foreseeing soundness of structures itself and surrounding natural phenomena.

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