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Exploration & Preservation for Archeological Remains

Contributing preservation of cultural assets.

Cultural assets convey important information of lifestyles and technologies in the past. It is our mission to preserve and inherit the information for the future generation.

OYO prospects underground ruins with geophysical methods. You can investigate the ruins without excavation and destruction when you use the methods. We have investigated relics of metallic antiquities like bronze ware and ancient structures including residence, shell heap, tumulus, kiln, temples, and castles.

OYO can provide chemical analyses for the ruins too. We analyze physical properties and sedimentary environment of soil and rock composing the relics, determine ages, and analyze chemical compositions of metallic and stone antiquities. We design preservation strategies and develop management plans for effective utilization of cultural assets as well.

OYO has provided technical cooperation to preservation projects in Sakkara in Egypt and Bamian in Afghanistan as a part of international experiences.

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