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i-SENSOR2 Logger

i-SENSOR2 (Intelligent-SENSOR2) Logger is data logger and transfer unit with a wide variety of input functions. This logger has a wireless-link function to aggregate monitoring data into the main logger and a function of transmitting the monitoring data by GSM/GPRS.

Splash-proof housing and lithium batteries are adopted and a storage box is not necessary. Installation work becomes easier and it leads to saving cost by reducing work load and time.

There are 2 types of the logger consisting of main [M4] and sub [S4], and deployment plan can be easily / flexibly arranged depending on site conditions.


■ Compact body with batteries contained and unnecessity of a storage box

■ 2 types of wireless function, mobile phone network and 2.4 GHz wireless-link

■ The main [M4] being linkable up to 3 subs [S4]

■ Saving work cost and communication charge by reducing installation time and transmitting monitoring data by aggregating between several loggers

■ Connecting analog sensor, S&DL series (digital sensor) and rain gauge (pulse output)

■ Threshold judgment function with being changeable measurement and transmitting interval automatically

■ Retrieving data with SD card instead of data transmitting in case of some communication failure

■ Synchronizing time and acquisition of its position roughly by GPS


Data Logging

Analog input 4 ch (Voltage and current input are switchable)
- Voltage input range: +/-2.5 V, +/-5 V (switchable)
- Current input range: 0 to 25 mA
Digital input 1 ch (RS232C port for connection with S&DL series)
Contact input 3 ch
Contact output 3 ch (non-voltage contact)
Pulse input 1 ch (Tipping bucket type rain gauge)
Connectable number of wireless-link Up to 3 units


USB USB2.0 × 1 port (For conversion port between USB and RS232C)
Memory card SD-card, SDHC-card
Communication SIM-card (GSM/GPRS)


Packet communication GSM/GPRS
Wireless-link 2.4 GHz, Smart Mesh IP
Time & position GPS

Power Source

Input voltage DC+6 V to DC+15 V

Data Logger

Data storage capacity approx. 25,000 data (The capacity is depending on measurement items)


Protection grade Splash-proof

Outer Dimension

Outer size φ85 x 395 mm (Excluding projections)
Weight approx. 1.5 kg (Excluding internal battery)


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