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Geologger-GWS 2 (Discontinued) & GW Combination Probe

The GEOLOGGER-GWS2 is an instrument for natural gamma and electrical logging used with a GW combination probe (MODEL-3493). It can simultaneously measure natural gamma, resistivity (16”, 64”) and spontaneous potential, which contributes largely to such works as groundwater surveys.


A PC-based control part, a 10.4-inch LCD and data processing circuits are all stored in one compact case, giving this instrument superior operability and portability. Also, its data are in comma-separated value (CSV) format that can be edited on a PC easily.


■ Natural gamma, resistivity (16”, 64”) and spontaneous potential can be measured at the same time just by one probe

■ Data can be checked easily on its 10.4-inch high-intensity color LCD

■ Data (CSV format) can be copied into a USB memory through its USB ports

■ Compact, lightweight and low-power consumption design



(1) Normal resistivity
Electrode interval 16” and 64”
Measurement range 0 - 20 kΩm
(2) Spontaneous potential
Measurement range ± 2000 mV
(3) Natural gamma
Input pulse Negative pulse
Discriminator level Fixed at 100 keV
Measurement range 0 - 20 kcps


Display 10.4 inch, TFT color LCD (1024 × 768 pixels)
Storage SSD 8 GB
External I/F USB 2.0 × 3 ports
Power supply 12 VDC (± 10 %)
Operation temperature -5 to 45°C
External dimensions 310 (W) × 165 (H) × 270 (D) mm
Weight 8 kg


Electrode material Stainless steel
Electrode interval 16”, 64”
Outer diameter φ40 mm
Length 1,700mm (division is possible at M1 electrode for transportation)


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